Sophisticated Picture Books

This workshop nurtures and inspires creativity.


The students / teachers learn to read the visuals in visual language
Create through story their own visual images


Quote Francis Douglas Memorial College
“I will never look at an image in the same way again”


“I have learnt how to read visual images, create images and link to stories.  This has been the best topic this year”


Group Focus: Viewing the work of Shaun
Tan and Gary Crew - The Viewer

Learning Context:

Focus on features in text and interpretation of illustrations and text using oral language, visual language and written language

Interpreting through visual language.
Use The Viewer by Gary Crew, illustrated by Shaun Tan.

Think pair/share about content

  • Focus on activating prior knowledge
  • Construct images as they read
  • Pause for writing phrases down, students discuss images
  • Collect objects
Design and create personal viewer as per book