Stepping into Story - Stony River Hotel April 12th-13th 2014.


Special Needs Workshop

Quote IHC Conference, Auckland
“37 clients and caregivers created their own stories through music, art and scarves.  It was moving to watch them re-tell their tales”

Dancing Into Books

Sophisticated Story Books


Children's workshop includes performance, inter-active stories where the children take on an active role.

A specially designed workshop for special needs is available - Take Note Taranaki

Schools, Libraries and Community Workshops tailor designed to the participants needs and requirements.




This unit describes warm up activities and skills for students with Special Needs.

I wrote Grandma’s Surprise for a Junior drama Festival.  The story script is available from my……..




Link The Thinking
Storytelling links strongly into thinking aloud, activating prior knowledge and comprehension strategies that all children need when exploring texts.




Community Storytelling with children from other nations encourages the children to share their stories.  They can use the skills and techniques of Tricks in a Box




“Shoes full of socks”
Sticks with thread and twists
Bags full of unusual things.


Puppets Chant from Heeby Geebies Play

“We can’t bite we don’t have teeth
But we can ooze if we choose,
We slime, we grime
We dine we whine,
We live in a hole
In the tunnel we Roll.
We’re sleezy greasy
We’re slimy and grimy
We google, we goggle,
We wriggle, we giggle,
We’re the slimes or grimies of
“Tunnel Pummel”.

Fejoa Tree


One two three

climb the fejoa tree,

For five six

pick them up quick

Seven eight

pop them in a cake,

Sell them at the gate,

Eat them all up

till your tummy aches.

Nine ten

Oh no!

Here we go again!


The city sleeps but not I!


At night when the house sleeps,

Outside my window I peep,

Night is Day.

Day is Night in the city.


The city lights keep me awake,

The bakers factory begins to bake

The cats in the alley ways meow

Truck engines purr then growl .


High towers play, switch on switch off,

As cleaners clean the office blocks.

Road machines grind up and down,

Sweeping away every speck off the ground.


The traffic signals play ball

A man steps out of the Mall,

Stop! says the referee,

It’s a red light cant you see!


Roof top gardens old plastic trees,

They don’t move in the breeze.

Lit up they stand proud,

Flicker on and off to a silent crowd.


Dark says hallo to day,

The night stops its play.

Truck drivers wake pick up the bread,

No more city lights just sleep instead.





Night Dragon


There is a Dragon
Behind the door!
I can see his smoke!
I can hear his roar!


Why don’t you listen to me!
Look! It is a dragon that I see.
He’s coming in I try to shout
Nothing is coming out


He’s flying higher
Oh! No here is the fire.
I can feel the heat
I can see his feet

Here he comes,
Quick dive for cover
Oh! Someone Switched
the light on,
Dragons gone.


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