“I’m buoyed by the workshop I gave with Marni Gillard last weekend, Creativity Through Storytelling, at ‘Alice’s House’ on Humarock Beach in Scituate, Massachussetts…….There was also a wonderful storyteller from New Zealand….”
Jay O’Callahan


“Dear Lesley, we all loved your being here. We loved your story and as you told it I could see that storytelling is in your body and is in your heart and soul. You brought such warmth and richness to the whole weekend. It was wonderful to have some time with you. You’re wonderful and I hope you finally did make it to Nantucket.”
Jay O’Callahan


“Hi Lesley, thanks so much for sending your CD. Linda and I listened to it in the car and I could imagine all of the children gathered around you. You have such a sense of wonder and imagination! I have to say again it was marvellous to have you in the workshop. You bring such warmth, life and spirit.”
Jay O’Callahan


“Thank you for the time and energy you put into the Tell a Story Sunday Special. We were thrilled with the crowd you attracted and thoroughly delighted with the whole feel of the event. Your knowledge and expertise was a great addition to the day and thank you so much for the time you put in to preparing this very special event despite your busy schedule. It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to meeting you again.”
Joely Ham, Curator, Public Programmes, Govett Brewster Art Gallery


"On Tuesday we read stories about shoes.
We read poems about feet
We went outside and made our feet move in and out of hoops.
Miss Dowding danced in her tap shoes.
Miss Danson showed us her cycling shoes.
We made picture stories about shoes.
We made mind maps about shoes.
We published stories about shoes."
Quote from Te Kiri School students


“A day never to be forgotten in the lives of the listeners who heard so many spellbinding tales.”
Principal, Eltham Primary School


“Her skill as a storyteller and dramatist, her passion, her engagement of children and adults, her ability to impact the message she shares is memorable.”
Principal, Kelvin Squires


“160 children totally enthralled in the story and then through art and movement belief in the imagining enter the tale to perform themselves.”
Principal, Mokau School




“Dear Lesley, thank you for taking part in the IHC conference. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your presentation and I know delegates gained much from your wisdom, knowledge and experience. The conference gives families, volunteers, staff and other providers the opportunity to get together and swap ideas, inspire and enthuse each other and learn more about the issues behind services. I certainly enjoyed the weekend, and hope you had the chance to do the same.”
Jan Dowland, Chief Executive, IHC


“Dear Lesley, thanks so much for your workshop for the Bachelor of Social Work students on the final day of their degree. The students as always found that your contribution was totally appropriate for the occasion and set the tone wonderfully for making the transition from being students to qualified practitioners. I hope I will be able to invite you again next year!”
Celia, Massey University, School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work.


"Dear Lesley, Thank you for generously giving your time over the past few weeks to present your entertaining storytelling. I have received excellent feedback from various people who attended. Puke Ariki is grateful to people like yourself who generously share skills and information with others thereby enabling a broader and more knowledgeable place to live. Your fascinating contribution to our public events programme and school holiday programme is greatly appreciated. Many thanks once again."
Hannah Swinbourne, Coordinator Learning Programmes, Puke Ariki