midnight at the lighthouse

Tip Tap Toe
CD and Book
By Lesley Dowding

Midnight at the Lighthouse CD and Book
By Lesley Dowding

Tip Tap Toe by Lesley Dowding

Listen to some extracts

from the story


Tip Tap Toe 1

Tip Tap Toe 2

Tip Tap Toe 3


Midnight at the Lighthouse by Lesley Dowding

Thomas' desire to see and paint the illuminated lighthouse and Aunt Jenny's promise to take him, lays the foundation for an exciting night time adventure. Lesley Dowding's story and Margret Scott's illustrations vividly portray the wild atmosphere of the coastal sea and sky. Purchase the Book and receive CD.

midnight at the lighthouse

Listen to some extracts
from the story:

Extract 1

Extract 2

Extract 3

Extract 4


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midnight at the lighthouse