Ted Hughes once wrote, “Stories are like candles in the mind”. In his book Traditional Storytelling in the Primary School, Grainger, T. (1997) we read –


“As tunes of the tale are twirled on the tongue the storyteller shares his work and simultaneously hears these words. So there is ore than one kind of active listening happening as the teller relives the tale in a creative community of listeners.”


“The ipod Play”
was first a story for High School students who constantly wore headphones.


It is now a play that can have any number of characters around the main ones.


Full of music, song and dance, McDonalds, a fantasy in the making, Skateboarders, Surfers.


Drama as a Creative Activity for Children

Drama is a creative activity and, as such, fulfils the normal function of all creative activity. It provides a medium through which the individual can express his ideas – his reactions to the impressions he received – and, by expressing them, learn to evaluate them.


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From the first page to the last, the book was filled with handwriting. The paper was yellow with age, the ink faded to a soft dull brown. Wiri frowned as he tried to make out the words. (The Shearwater Bell : Margaret Beames)